Policies & Guidelines

Our dance session is based on a ten month period, starting in September and going through June. We do ask that you consider this a commitment. Upon registering for a class, you are allotted that space for the duration of the dance session. We do accept new students through February, but only if there is availability within a class; students are expected to complete the entire term regardless of their start date. We do not accept students who do not plan to complete the session. This is unfair to students who may be kept out of a class due to unavailable space.


General Policies

Attendance, Tardiness, & Make Up Classes: The school reserves the right to have students who come in late to class, sit out during that class period. Repeated tardiness or non-attendance may result in termination of lessons. A minimum attendance level will be required. We will occasionally offer a make-up class in the event that we have to cancel a class. Individual student make-up classes are not offered. Missed classes may not be applied to future tuition.


Parent Observation: We do not allow parents in the classrooms on a day-to-day basis because it is difficult for students to maintain their focus during class with observers in the room; however, it is important that you have a chance to observe the progress of your child. We invite all parents and family to join us during parent view weeks. We do have video monitors in our lobby so that you may observe class without interrupting.  


Parent Contact with Teachers:  We want all of our parents to know that we take great pride in teaching your children and we want them to succeed in class. With that being said, we have the rule "no parents allowed in class" for several reasons: 1. Children are easily distracted, and when a parent comes in they often lose focus. Teachers have to stop class, then try to get the students to pick up where they left off. 2. Teachers have very limited time with students, and from the very second the children walk in, class starts; even if it looks like the teacher isn't busy, he/she may be doing things that are important, like taking class roll or getting the music ready. 3.  and the very MOST IMPORTANT reason is SAFETY! This matters on so many different levels. We have some students that aren't supposed to leave with certain people, some students that may run out whenever a door is opened, or the teacher may have no idea who the parent is. Would you want some other random parent or person entering your child's classroom? So, we ask that if you need to talk to your child's teacher, you relay the message through an assistant if they are passing through the lobby, or tell the office manager. If the issue is not something that needs to be handled at that time, you may fill out a contact form located in the lobby, send an e-mail (albemarledance@yahoo.com), call us (704-982-7514), or tell the office manager. If your child forgot something, you need to pick them up early, you are late and they need to be taken to class, or anything else that is not an absolute emergency, please let the office manager, or an assistant passing through the lobby (do not get the assistant out of their class) know. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter, and hope that you understand that this is for the safety and well-being of all the children at the studio.  


Drop Off & Pick Up:  The school is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students. Students are not to be left at the school for excessive time before, after, or between classes. Students should arrive not more than 15 minutes prior to their class time and should be picked up within 15 minutes of class end. We care deeply about our students, but our very limited staff cannot be responsible for childcare duties that take them beyond their job descriptions and normal working hours. Should there be repeated tardiness or early drop off (more than 1 occurrence) from the same family, the school will charge the family $20 for every 15 minutes or portion thereof, in order to retain personnel past their regularly scheduled hours.     Drop off at the front door (Ross Drive) and pick up at the back door (gravel lot side of the building).


Potty & Accidents:  All AAD students must be fully potty trained before attending classes. If your child needs to use the restroom during class, we are happy to escort them to the restroom, but once they are at the restroom, they must be able to fully potty on their own without any assistance from us. This includes being able to pull down their own leotard and tights, and pull them back up again; wipe themselves and flush the toilet; and wash their hands. We provide a stool in both bathrooms that they can use to get on and off the toilet, and wash their hands. If your child is unable to do this, we ask that you stay the entire class time so that you may assist them if they need to use the restroom. 
We understand that sometimes accidents happen. If your child has a potty-related accident in class, we will notify you to bring them a change of clothes. They are welcome to return to class upon changing their attire. 

Class Etiquette and Discipline: In today's world of instant informality and less than perfect manners, ballet class provides an oasis of true courtesy and dignity, a remnant of the royal decorum of the Baroque age. In ballet we create an environment conducive to learning and physically demonstrate the esteem in which we hold our art, our teacher, and our fellow students. Considerate, respectful behavior is expected. *Respect for the teacher and for one another is essential to a successful classroom environment. *Behavior in the halls and the dressing room should be polite and quiet by both students, parents and siblings.  


Teaching Method and Corrections: Proper dance training happens only when the student feels the correct body position. Communication and education for both dancers and parents is very much a part of our program. Parents are welcome to speak to the teacher regarding any special concerns (please refer to parent/teacher contact). As a part of their training, dancers will receive frequent constructive criticism (called corrections) throughout the year. Corrections are given to assist and teach. The student should understand that a correction is a gift and should be received as such. For our teachers to be able to give proper corrections, it is imperative that students follow the dress code. Please refer to the dress code in the next section. The reason for our dress code is so that the teacher can see the body positioning of the student, and make the necessary corrections.  In order to avoid lumbar injury to students and instructors, tumbling students must be able to demonstrate core stability and fully support their own body weight before advancing to instructor assisted inverted skills.

Recital:  At the end of our “year” long dance season, we produce a full-length stage show, which showcases all of our students. Our recital will be held in June at the Stanly County Agri-Civic Center. We feel performance is a necessary part of dance. All students will participate in the full-length end of year recital. (Please note the recital date in the ‘Important Dates to Remember’ section.) All students are required to attend all rehearsals and dress rehearsals for our recital in order to participate.


Performance Opportunities:  Some AAD classes will be asked to perform at local events. We like to take the opportunity to allow the students to give back to the community through dance. Albemarle Academy of Dance is the official school of City Youth Ballet. City Youth Ballet is our pre-professional performing company designed to give our dedicated students experience in rehearsal work, auditioning, performing, and working together in a cast. Our competition dance company, "The Showoffs", is comprised of dancers ages 7-18. They are involved in travel, classes, and competitions all over the USA. If you are interested in either of these groups, please contact your instructor.  




In person:  You will be given a total amount due. This amount is due to be enrolled in class. Your registration form will not be accepted for enrollment without payment & draft information attached.


Online: You will be sent an e-mail within three business days stating the amount that you owe (referred to as registration response). Within one business day of our sending of the registration response, your credit card or bank account will be charged the total amount listed in the registration response. If the account charged is declined, registration is forfeited, and all classes you registered for will be immediately removed from your account. If you have questions regarding the amount that will be charged, please send an information request prior to registering online.  





Tuition & Payment Policies:

Summer tuition is to be paid in full at the time of registration. This includes all classes, intensives, camps, and registration fees. The only exception to this is if an individual student has a summer tuition total amount due of $400 or more; in this case a $100 down payment is required upon registration, along with a bank draft form and voided check. The remainder of the amount will be drafted in two equal payments on July 1 and August 1. (ex. Jane Doe’s summer tuition total is $500. She must pay $100 at registration, leaving $400 remaining on her account. This is then divided into two payments of $200, drafting first on July 1, and again on August 1. 


Fall/Winter Dance Season:   The season is based on a ten-month “year”, beginning in September and ending in June. Tuition is divided equally, depending on how you choose to pay. Tuition must be paid by one of the following three options below:  


10 Equal Monthly Payments – For this option you must submit a bank draft form. Automatic bank account debit will occur on the first day of each month September through June (or October through June for new students), beginning September 1 (beginning October 1 for new students). Bank drafts can be scheduled for the 15th of each month, but will be assessed a $15 processing fee + 15% convenience charge.

2 Equal Payments – For this option you must submit a bank draft form or a credit card authorization agreement; your first payment will be deducted from that account on September 1. Your second payment will be deducted from that account on February 1. If you do not wish to have your account deducted automatically, you must make the full payments due by August 7 and January 7, consecutively. Even if you plan to make payments in full to avoid accounts being automatically deducted, you will still be required to submit a signed bank draft or credit card authorization to be used in the event you do not make payment in time.  

1 Full Payment – For this option you must submit a bank draft form or a credit card authorization agreement; your payment will be deducted from that account on September 1. If you do not wish to have your account deducted automatically, you must make the full payment due by August 7. Even if you plan to make payments in full to avoid accounts being automatically deducted, you will still be required to submit a signed bank draft or credit card authorization to be used in the event you do not make payment in time.  

Registration, recital, and costume fees are due upon registration

Tuition is not refundable and not transferable.
Monthly payments are only accepted through an automatic bank account draft; we do not accept cash or checks in the studio for monthly payments. If your monthly draft is returned, you will be assessed a $30 NSF fee. If returned, your monthly amount will be re-submitted along with the $30 NSF fee. After two NSF returns for monthly drafts, we will no longer accept monthly draft payments from your account; at this point the remainder of the tuition will be due in full to continue enrollment at AAD.  

While you are registering for an in-person class, in the event of a required lockdown or stay at home order from local or national government due to a pandemic or other natural disaster or event, we may run your class(es) via live Zoom (or other online platform), and there will be no refunds,  tuition prorating, or credits applied to your account.


Registration Fees, Recital Fees, Costume Fees

Registration, recital, and costume fees are due upon registration. If you discontinue classes at AAD, these fees will not be refunded or transferred to another student/family; any fees paid for recital costumes will be put into the AAD scholarship fund.

Withdrawal & Refunds

There is a TWO MONTH MINIMUM on ALL registrations. This means if you register for a class(es), but then decide not to take said class(es), you will still be charged two months worth of tuition. Withdrawal must be done in person, or in writing. Withdrawal must be handled by the school office, not with the teacher.  Monthly students must submit it in writing by the 7th day of the current month in order for the automatic bank draft to be discontinued for the following month.

No drafts will be discontinued for students that withdraw or quit after February 1, regardless of if it is by the 7th of the current month. We start recital choreography early, and when a student quits in the middle of planned choreography, the entire class is interrupted, and teachers must be paid to re-choreograph and reset the entire dance. This takes valuable class time and disrupts the progress of other dancers. This policy is put in place to discourage dancers from dropping and hindering the progress of their fellow classmates.

To withdraw from classes a parent must: Inform school administration in person or in writing, and complete and sign a withdrawal form provided by the school office .

There are no refunds on registration fees, recital/showcase fees, theatre materials, costume fees, or tuition. If you discontinue classes at AAD, these fees will not be refunded or transferred to another student/family; any fees paid for recital costumes will be put into the AAD scholarship fund.
No payments made will be refunded.


Medical Emergencies

By registering with us, you have given permission to Albemarle Academy of Dance to administer and seek medical attention for you or your child in the case of a medical emergency.  


Weather Closings

AAD typically follows the same schedule as Stanly County Schools in the case of inclement weather. If school is canceled or dismissed early, there is no class held. If school is delayed, there will be classes held. For the most updated information, check our Facebook page, our website (www.albemarleacademyofdance.com) and your email.​